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A. Schwab Continues to Embrace Change

Elliot Schwab has spent most of his life in the A. Schwab store on Beale Street. His great-great-grandfather, Abraham Joseph Schwab, opened the store in 1876 and his grandfather and father owned and ran it as he was growing up. When Elliot Schwab was 14, he was added to the payroll part time. He graduated high school and started full time the very next day.

SINCE 1911

In 1911, the store moved into its current Beale Street location and, in 1924, it expanded to include the building next door. There has been no move to expand or relocate ever since.

“I saw the store, all the time and I knew a little bit about what was going on, and then when I graduated, I came to work down here. I was doing everything that I do now. With the exception of the soda fountain.”
Elliot Schwab / Owner

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